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Let’s restart traveling after lockdown! Umbria an Italian region with no more case of Covid-19 !

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

This Pandemic situation brought a lot of fear, a lot of sadness and lots of bad thoughts, but now we‘ve a way to better live our moments. Most of us have lived this period as a period to better learn ourselves and better listen who’s near us in our little or big families. Now it’s time to restart traveling, restart believing in our lives and restart meeting new cultures. Just keeping distances each other and wearing your mask, but we need to enjoy new places to visit doing photos and enjoying nature around!

We live in the perfect place where your vacation will be in a totally private atmosphere: Umbria in the middle of Italy. Here there is the third Italian lake called Trasimeno, a quiet and cozy place where Nature is the queen! Really closed to Tuscany, in a little paradise named ‘Villa Primaluce’ we host families who wants to do one or more weeks of total relax into Nature. When our guests come here they adore to be alone, into nature, surrounded by forest lake View on a hill Trasimeno lake front, where your thoughts stops and your body start to breath again.

In this period of Rebirth after the worldwide Pandemic months, we need to better realise that life is now, life is something to live, loving ourselves and learning each other from Mother Nature. It‘s really important to restart traveling, restart breathing emotions and giving to our lives the possibility to Rebirth!

So if you live not so far to Italy as in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Nederland, Austria, Denmark or Hungary, just take your car and Restart to travel again coming to have a fabulous vacation in Umbria, you’ll be really welcome to Villa Primaluce!

Enjoy our Video! Exclusive Villa for 8/12 people with our big pool, tennis table, terrace, WiFi, Mini fitness room and Sauna!

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